Green Boy Group has recently introduced a new functional plant-based protein, called Plant-Dairy Protein™, developed specifically for the plant-based dairy industry.

Co-Founder of Green Boy Group, Peter van Dijken, was reportedly quoted as stating that the company was approached by several plant-based dairy manufacturers, following the launch of its Plant-Meat Protein™ in Europe and the U.S. in 2020. He added that the creation of a functional plant-based protein catering specifically to the needs of the plant-based dairy industry was the most logical next step for the company.

According to Frederik Otten, Green Boy Group co-founder, plant-based dairy products are becoming increasingly prevalent, in various shapes and forms, generating massive demands. He further added that as the market leader in the plant-based protein domain, Green Boy Group has the technical expertise, capability, and experience to accommodate the industry’s needs through Plant-Dairy Protein™, with a diverse functional plant-based protein range in terms of flavor profile, protein enhancement, texture, and mouthfeel.

He also mentioned that global brands are highly dependent on the company for the creation of the highest-quality plant-based products available. With offices in Australia, U.S., and Europe, Green Boy will also be able to offer Plant-Dairy Protein™ to markets across the globe.

Plant-Dairy Protein™ is a non-GMO, “dairy grade” functional plant-based protein in powder form. The product can enhance mouthfeel, boost nutritional properties, improve textures aspects of plant-based dairy products, and has a neutral flavor profile.

Plant-Dairy Protein™ can be used to produce a variety of plant-based dairy products, including vegan ice cream, mayonnaise, cheese, butter, yogurt, and even eggs. The product comes in four protein variants, made from Fava Beans, Chickpea, Pea, and Mung Bean.

Founded in 2016, Green Boy Group is an industry-leading supplier of organic and non-GMO plant-based food ingredients, with offices in Los Angeles, California, Sydney, Australia, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

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