EnergyWare announced that it has been taken over by JOX Energy. EnergyWare is a comprehensive, energy efficiency engineering, designing, manufacturing, and installation enterprise. To expand into the international market, EnergyWare’s management team recognized JOX Energy as an ideal buyer. Jake Jacques, the CEO of JOX Energy expects substantial potential for augmentation in the energy sector.

Jacques was confident about pursuing EnergyWare after meeting its owners and directors. He expressed that he was excited to hear about the new products that EnergyWare was planning regarding HVAC and Solar. He is confident that there is huge scope when it comes to solar.

The outgoing CEO of EnergyWare, Michael Bertamini expressed that they started the company with a handful of representatives which now has grown to over 30 states operating with Fortune 1000 companies and certain prestigious universities and schools across the country. Working with vast, diversified people has been a highlight about EnergyWare for Bertamini. It is fascinating for him to see those people grow professionally and personally. He claimed that he was sure that the company would grow but never thought that it would grow at this rate. As the company started expanding further into additional products and services, it was clear that a third-party planned buyer was the ideal option and by JOX Energy was a perfect fit.

EnergyWare’s management team is highly optimistic and excited about the possibility to grow in the energy sector.

Eric Bilotta who is the Director of Lighting Solutions also expressed this excitement about EnergyWares growth and the success the company has got since the time it was established. Bilotta stated that JOXs procurement signifies a fantastic opportunity to build upon that achievement and take EnergyWare to the next level.

The Director of Marketing, Boaz Santiago claimed that this new phase in EnergyWare Legacy is an exhilarating time for the company and especially, JOX acquisition will call for greater benefits to the customers that the company serves, the workers, residents, the communities that they work with and students who highly depend on EnergyWare to build a better energy future.