Emmi Roth has reportedly acquired Athenos, which comprises the No.1 feta in the United States, in collaboration with Emmi Group. The takeover from the Lactalis Group widens the product and business offerings of Emmi Roth, reinforcing the long-standing commitment of the company to the specialty cheese industry.

Athenos is compatible with the wide range of high-quality, locally imported, and produced specialty cheeses of Emmi Roth in the United States.

Tim Omer, the Managing Director and President at Emmi Roth, expressed that the company is passionate about the specialty cheese sector and continues to focus on it. He added the Emmi Roth offers the best of specialty cheeses to its consumers. Including Athenos in the family will reinforce the company’s product portfolio and enable it to provide greater product lines, said Omer.

As the number one feta in the Unites States, Athenos registered net sales of close to USD 90 million in 2020. Recent changes in the consumer consumption volume sales and patterns in the feta category have largely benefitted feta cheese.

Athenos will take advantage of the strong foodservice as well as retail connections of Emmi Roth. In addition, the marketing expertise of Emmi Roth will help Athenos widen its consumer reach through social media along with digital marketing. This is an area where the business of Athenos has a great chance for further proliferation.

Roth® Cheese reportedly launched a new look for its product line Gouda in July 2021. The renewed packaging, provided with labels that are easy to spot, will be featured on new slices and wedges for Natural Smoked Gouda as well as Roth Gouda, which are fan-favorites.

For the record, Emmi Roth is a leading company in offering the most popular specialty cheeses in the United States. Emmi Roth operates at five locations across Wisconsin creating and importing national cheese brands like Emmi USA, Roth® Cheese among others.

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