In a bid to protect jobs and the economy, the British government introduced the discount scheme called ‘Eat Out to Help Out’, at the beginning of August. In what may seem as an astonishing record, over 64 million meals have been claimed since then, in a mere three weeks.

The scheme apparently has provided a state-funded 50% discount on soft drinks and food to diners, between Mondays and Wednesdays, up to an upper limit of £10 per person, for the entire month.

Sources familiar with the knowledge of the matter state that around 10.5 million meals had been consumed in the first week, and the number climbed to an overall 35 million in the first two weeks. According to the Treasury, the outcome is indicative of a consistent upward growth in dining.

Also, there has been a total of 34 million searches from 13 million users, on the Eat Out to Help Outs restaurant finder.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has been reportedly quoted to state that these figures depict the support of the Brits toward hospitality – especially with over 64 million meals discounted so far, which is equivalent to almost every person in the nation having food outside to protect jobs. The scheme undeniably has reminded people how much they love to dine outside, and in the process, has also depicted how the dining out has helped secure the jobs almost 2 million employees working in the hospitality sector, he added.

He also said that he urges every person to dine out, until the extent possible, so far as the scheme remains open.

The HMRC has stated that the claims from the first couple of weeks of the scheme cost them close to £180 million.

David Page, the co-chairman of Fulham Shore, the Franco Manca owner, has been quoted to state that this scheme has instantly increased their restaurant customer numbers by more than 50%, thereby enabling the establishment to get all their employees back to work. In fact, he continued, that they are now hiring more employees to cater to rising demand.

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