In what may seem to be a significant move to boost sales of its zero-sugar drink, Coca-Cola UK has redesigned the packaging of its Zero Sugar ranges to look more like its original drink. Reportedly, from the month of September onwards, Coco-Cola cans and bottles will be in its iconic red & white with a colored band across the top and a differentiated cap that can help the consumers distinguish easily between the products.

The current Zero Sugar cans feature the white Coke logo on a red circle in contrast to an all-black background – a design it has been using since 2016. However, with the recent changes, both the sugar & non-sugar versions will look much more similar, says sources.

The recent design changes come in the wake of the company’s drive to sell more zero-sugar drinks. It has been reported that over 58% of Coca-Cola beverages sold in Great Britain have no sugar.

Coco-Cola said that the design changes unify both variants with the original logo and assures the consumers of the great taste & experience of enjoying the drink with or without sugar. Moreover, the new design also forms a part of the brand’s latest £5 million marketing strategy to urge more customers to try Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.

The marketing campaign will also include two advertisements on televisions & online platforms, as well as outdoor advertising. The brand will be taking to the streets and giving away over 7 million Coco-Cola Zero Sugar sample cans before the end of 2018, cite sources.

Sources familiar with the matter also revealed that the new packaging has already been introduced in countries such as Mexico and Spain and will be distributed soon throughout the world.

Aided by its diet drinks push, Coco-Cola’s earnings for Q2 have beaten the expectations of several analysts, as the Zero Sugar reported a double-digit growth in volume.