• The product will first be made available to its 60,000 online customers and subscribers.
  • Koios has introduced two specialty coffee blends namely, creativity blend and beauty blend.
Vancouver based Koios Beverage Corporation has reportedly announced the extension of its product offerings with the launch of a novel ground coffee line that is made with unique ingredients that help improve brain and adrenal function and enhance the appearance of the skin. Seemingly, coffee has become a functional beverage since caffeine carries the ability to improve the effects of certain ingredients, and the consumption of the beverage is recurring and addictive. The brand aims at tapping on these benefits. For the record, increasing demand for coffee across the globe has propelled the consumption of specialty coffee. In 2018, nearly 60% of the coffee consumed in the US was specialty ground coffee with small cafés offering specialty coffees to the consumers that could not be found anywhere else. According to reliable sources, Koios beverage has developed two types of specialty coffee namely, creativity blend and beauty blend. While the creativity blend is enriched with two different types of mushrooms, called Lion’s mane and chaga. This coffee blend helps in enhancing the function of the brain, controlling stress and anxiety along with enhancing the person’s adrenal function. Beauty blend on the other hand contains collagen – a protein that is known to improve the appearance of the skin. Notably, the company’s strong relations with its retail partners and distribution agencies will help the newly introduced line of specialty coffee products gain exposure from its large retail audience across the United States. Citing familiar sources, the ground coffee line of products will primarily be made available to the firm’s current 60,000 online store subscribers and customers. Moreover, Koios also aims at making the product available through leading e-commerce sites such as Amazon and other leading retail partners. Apparently, in order to promote brand awareness, public relations strategies, digital marketing, and financial services, Koios has retained the services of a prominent American ad agency and marketing firm - IDR Marketing, Inc. Reportedly, earlier this year, the beverage company launched Fit Soda™ with an aim to expand its customer base across the nation. Source Credits: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/koios-completes-development-for-line-of-coffee-products-featuring-mushroom-and-collagen-ingredients-301011355.html