Cadbury, the British multinational confectionery firm, has reportedly introduced three new Dairy Milk flavors in the market. These bars are a part of the company's annual flavor-creation contest for fans. Under the same contest, consumers have been invited to be the judges of this year's new bars and choose which flavor should remain on shop shelves as part of the Cadbury Dairy Milk range.

The Cadbury Inventor competition has received over 180,000 entries this year. However, only 3 of them have reached the final selection round, helped by their unique taste and ingredient combinations.

These three flavors are Josh's Dairy Milk Banoffee Nut Crumble, Sophie's Dairy Milk No Frownie Brownie, and Roxy's Dairy Milk Fizzing Cherry,

Self-avowed chocoholic Josh, a 31-year-old father from Birmingham, created the Banoffee Nut Crunch bar, which has banoffee pie-flavored fudge bits, almond caramel chips, and biscuits.

The No Frownie Brownie recipe was dreamed up by Sophie, a 19-year-old Scottish student. The bar contains milk chocolate, chunks of gooey chocolate brownies, crumbly biscuits, and golden salted caramel chips.

Roxy, a 34-year-old civil engineer, created the tongue-tingling Fizzing Cherry bar, which has chewy cherry chunks, popping candies, and biscuit crumbs.

The bars will be available in stores starting this week, and people can vote for their favorite on the Cadbury Inventor website. The price of each 110g bar would be £1.49.

The voting period ends on September 5, and the winner will be announced later that month.

Brand Manager of Cadbury Tablets, Pippa Rodgers, stated that the company knows that the annual Cadbury Inventor competition has been highly popular because it enables delightful new ingredients and flavors to be explored and enjoyed, and the bar has truly been set high this year.

Rodgers added, together with Roxy, Josh, and Sophie, Cadbury could not be more pleased to share the three delectable Cadbury Dairy Milk flavors with the public. However, there can only be one winner. It is now up to Cadbury's specialists, the fans, to be the judge and determine which flavor deserves to return to shelves next year.

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