Axiom Foods Inc., a Los Angeles based plant protein manufacturer has recently won its fourth patent for its organic brown rice protein called Oryzatein. Incidentally, the patent is a first for Axiom Foods in China that uses cutting edge technology to develop new plant-based ingredients and effects change as well as education in the global food supply chain.

For the record, Axiom has been one of the chief American companies that has led the movement to show that animal protein is not indispensable when in comes to muscle building. Peas and rice protein can also serve as efficiently to build muscles as animal protein.

Reportedly, Axiom Foods rice and pea ingredients are used in thousands of products. The new patent covers the methods for augmenting the absorption of rate of leucine absorption which is an essential amino acid branched chain. Axiom expects to add other patents to its increasing portfolio which includes issued and pending patents in the United States. Axiom Foods will also be offering manufacturers the licensed use of its patented claims and to formulate Oryzatein containing products.

Food scientists, formulators and consumers for long believed that rice protein is inferior to soy, whey or animal-based protein. Axiom Foods seemingly worked to prove this assumption wrong, claim experts. A study conducted in 2014 demonstrating the absorption of amino acid and the recently published clinical trial by Axiom Foods concerning the Oryzatein rice protein, both showed that the tests conducted on mixed martial artists of the UFC and professional athletes prove rice protein to be by no means inferior to animal-based protein when it comes to muscle building.

David Janow, Axiom Foods CEO and inventor of Oryzatein rice protein elaborated on the matter and said that the effects can be credited to the faster absorbing leucine in rice protein, which has a different amino acid profile than animal proteins but has the same muscle development benefits.