Burger King has recently been banned from displaying any advertisements suggesting that the new Rebel Whopper is vegan-friendly, as it is cooked alongside meat products and contains egg. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has claimed that the advert suggesting that the burger is 100% Whopper without beef could be misunderstood and can let consumers assume that it does not contain animal products.

Burger King claimed that it was transparent and clear in its marketing while the Vegan Society said that it had been a missed opportunity for the food chain. The company had spoken about this from the beginning that the Rebel Whopper had been made for the flexitarian audiences.

However, the ASA had made a claim that the social media posts regarding the Rebel Burger of Burger King have given the impression that it could be possibly eaten by both vegetarians and vegans. The post had also included a logo stating “Vegetarian Butcher.”

The ASA said that the timing of the advertisement and the green-colored palette along with the time of the product release had coincided with Veganuary, that had further contributed to the idea that the product is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Few advertisements had included a small print disclaiming that the burger is cooked alongside meat products.

ASA continued that it had considered this was not prominent enough to override the complete impression of the burger being competent with consumers who are vegans and vegetarians.

At the launch of the burger, Burger King stated that it had been aimed at the people who wish to lower their meat consumption. Apparently, it did not include the logo that said Vegetarian Butcher on TV advertisements as it could be considered ‘potentially misleading’. The food chain further explained that the product had a patty that is 100% plant-based by Vegetarian Butcher.

Earlier, a vegan had sued the food chain for making an Impossible Whopper on a meat grill.


Source Credit- https://www.bbc.com/news/business-52280017