Arkema S.A., specialty chemicals and advanced materials company, supports Series B investment in Adaptive3D, a leading additive manufacturing photopolymer resin supply company. The investment complements the know-how of the organization in UV liquid resin material design and the organizations dedication to speed-up 3D printing manufacturing technology development.

With its state-of-the-art technologies, Adaptive3D delivers solutions that enable soft and elastomer end-products. The innovative firm supplies photopolymer resins to allow additive manufacturing of tough, tear-resistant, strain-tolerant rubber parts in a broad range of applications in the customer goods, industrial, healthcare, oil and gas, and transportation markets.

Arkema and Adaptive3D together have completed various technical and commercial developments by their Sartomers activity and groundbreaking N3xtDimension portfolio of cutting-edge UV curable liquid resins. Through this collaboration, the companies focus on partnering across the endpoints of an additive manufacturing ecosystem including new material development, increasing specialty resin manufacturing, and functional end-use parts to provide market-leading solutions at its best. With its numerous material technologies including photoinitiators and thio-based materials, Arkema can support in improving Adaptive3D product offerings via custom solutions

The investment in Adaptive3D represents a new milestone for Arkema that will pave way for compelling opportunities for new applications in medical, footwear, electronic appliances, automotive, and more. With materials developed to scale, the producers and consumers can benefit from the sustainable high-performance solutions created by the two companies.

The CEO and Founder of Adaptive3D, Walter Voit claimed that Adaptive3D is enhancing production and distribution to provide print-stable, shelf-stable, one-part photoresins that produce superior, manufactured end parts. He added that the companys resins help consumers to micro-architect and topologically optimize their polymeric products to deliver a sustainable competitive benefit.

Arkemas Senior Director of 3D Printing Worldwide, Sumeet Jain called Arkema is a goal leader in supplying specialty materials to allow innovative, sustainable solutions to manufacturing technologies. He affirmed that the Adaptive3D photo-resins that are based on the companys materials and now legalized in the market, drive their customer-focused mission to reach new application spaces. He added that Adaptive3D provides captivating materials properties with seamless printing and post processing.