• Warm meals are back at airport lounges, though with limited menu options than earlier.
  • Extreme social distancing measures are being followed at the lounges in accordance with the grim situation of COVID-19 worldwide.
Renowned company American Airlines is reportedly on the verge of bringing warm food back to the Admirals Club airport lounges. In what may be considered as a positive sign of recovery for the air travel industry, the airline will ensure that good hot meals are available in lounges throughout the nation. However, they apparently will not be on the same terms as they were before the pandemic struck. As per sources familiar with the knowledge of the matter, food arrangements at the Admirals Clubs will now ne taken care of, served, and managed by live staff, as opposed to the earlier self-serve buffets, thereby reducing the exposure that the passengers will have to the food. Also, workers will be wearing gloves as well as safety masks and will be well obscured behind acrylic dividers so as to ensure that social distancing measures are suitably followed. Reports claim that the served food will be inclusive of soup, mac and cheese, oatmeal, etc., which is only a portion of what the earlier menu had to offer, before the pandemic. Pre-wrapped self-serve meals however, will continue to remain available at the clubs. With meal services back in the fray, prominent airlines will now have the opportunity once again to serve a competitive meal fare in their lounges. Before March, airlines in the industry had been in deep trouble, fighting an amenity war within their respective clubs. Driven by the variety of premium offerings inside the lounges of American Express Centurion, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and American Airlines were making updates periodically, to lounge catering and amenities, in order to offer superior products.   Source Credits: https://www.forbes.com/sites/grantmartin/2020/08/09/american-airlines-brings-warm-food-back-to-airport-lounges/#326fc02364fc