The U.S. DOE (Department of Energy) has revealed that it would declare a major scientific breakthrough this week. Apparently, this follows a media report which states that a federal laboratory has secured a significant milestone in nuclear fusion research.

As per reports, scientists in California-located LLNL (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) had accomplished a net energy gain via an experimental fusion reactor.

For the record, this move will depict the first instance wherein researchers have successfully generated more energy through a fusion reaction, similar to the one that powers the Sun as opposed to that consumed in the process. This marks a potentially major step within the scope of zero-carbon power.

According to spokespeople of Energy Department and LLNL, no confirmation regarding the FT report has been revealed, however, it has been disclosed that Jennifer Granholm, U.S. Energy Secretary will announce the major scientific breakthrough on 13th December, i.e., Tuesday.

The LLNL spokesperson further commented that the analysis is ongoing, and they are looking forward to sharing more information on Tuesday once the process is complete.

It has also been reported that the fusion reaction that generated a 120% net energy gain occurred during the past two weeks.

For the unversed, some scientists consider nuclear fusion as a potential energy of the future, mainly due to its zero greenhouse gases and little waste.

The technique currently employed in nuclear power plants is deployed by fusing two atomic nuclei in comparison to splitting one.

Two officials familiar with the research also confirmed the development. One of the senior fusion scientists reportedly addressed this as only a matter of time.

For the record, the LLNL fusion facility comprises almost 200 lasers, which are the size of three football fields. The lasers apparently bombard a tiny spot with optimum levels of energy for initiating a fusion reaction.

Source Credits: US teases 'major' science news amid fusion energy reports- The New Indian Express