U.S. Oil Filled Distribution Transformer Market Size 2022: Size, Industry Share, Approaches, and Forecast By 2027

Robust regulatory policies toward renewable network expansion will strengthen the U.S. oil filled distribution transformer market share. With the demand for streamlining grid integration soaring, investments in distribution projects will likely register a sizable uptick in the coming years.

Robust government norms for the refurbishment of existing grid infrastructure will bode well for the industry size expansion. Stakeholders expect infrastructural investments and project expansion of smart grid technology to play a major role globally.

Based on Global Market Insights, Inc., estimates, the U.S. oil filled distribution transformer market is forecast to expand at a 4% CAGR through the forecast timeframe.

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Trends and opportunities are poised to transform the industry landscape with a focus on pole mounted transformers. It is worth noting that the COVID-19 pandemic will have a moderate influence on power networks. Renewable energy projects were operational during the outbreak, while governments underpinned distribution transformers.

Some of the trends that will be pronounced are highlighted below:

  1. Pole mounted transformers to gain an uptick

With the adoption of renewable energy sources rising across the U.S., pole mounted oil filled distribution transformers are likely to spearhead the trend. Factors such as compact size and easy installation on single pole structures will drive the industry growth. Availability of pole mounted transformers in small size and easy to fit on single-pole structures have signified the relevance of the transformers.

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  1. ≤250 kVA transformers to pave way for robust outlook

The trend for ≤250 kVA rated will be noticeable with increasing application across residential and commercial sectors. With the developments of establishments such as apartments, hotels and villas, green transformers are likely to gain traction across the region. It is worth mentioning that small oil distribution transformers are sought-after for outdoor or indoor applications that can be provided with off-load tap changers. The U.S. oil filled distribution transformer market share from the ≤250 kVA rating segment will witness an upward growth trajectory by 2027.

  1. Three-phase transformers to rise in popularity

Oil-filled distribution transformers are expected to show an inclination for three-phase transformers, especially in industrial applications and metropolitan areas. These transformers have gained popularity to minimize the voltage supply for the primary circuit. The trend for three phase transformers will continue to be witnessed in substations for power distribution systems.

  1. Utility sector to be the major market

Robust developments of grid networks across the U.S. will pan well for leading companies vying to boost the unmet demands in the utility sector. Besides, governments are focusing on the growth of renewable electricity and energy transformation goals. It is worth noting that cross-border electrical network expansion will further stimulate the growth of the transformers in the utility sector. Emphasis on grid stability will help utilities streamline renewable resources, which in turn, will propel the industry forecast.

Considering that the energy market is evolving, companies are likely to invest in R&D and roll out advanced electrical equipment across the grid network. For instance, Nynas rolled out the NYTRO Polaris GXN in 2019 to resist extremely cold conditions. Meanwhile, Siemens Energy launched edge transmission products in April 2021 to manage the increased feed-ins of renewable energy. Some of the leading players in the landscape are General Electric, Toshiba Corporation, Siemens and ERMCO.

Industrial developments and investments in smart grid technology will continue to contribute to the U.S. oil filled distribution transformer market growth.

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