Introduction of advanced technologies and rising end user inclination towards renewable energy sources for power generation could drive new growth strides in solar panel cleaning market. Improvements in existing water-based cleaning operations that allow cost-effective cleansing as well as increasing focus on professional maintenance services is expected to drive industry expansion.

Factors like decrease in electricity bills, environment-friendliness and the ease of installation are some service benefits that could attract customers towards solar panel cleaners. Consumer are preferring efficient cleaning solutions, lower cost structure and the use of advanced technological equipment, consequently fueling the demand for water brushes solar panel cleaning service.

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Driven by growing demand, companies operating in the solar panel cleaning industry are introducing advanced solutions. For example, in 2019, manufacturer of photovoltaic, water-free solar panel cleaning solutions, Ecoppia announced its selection by Fortum to deploy its field-proven platform throughout various projects in India, with the objective of achieving sustainable operation of the solar business. With such developments, Global Market Insights, Inc., reports that the solar panel cleaning market may grow over USD 1 billion by 2026.

Mentioned below are some of the key trends that may propel solar panel cleaning market outlook:

Latin America emerging as a lucrative business ground

The Latin America solar panel cleaning industry is anticipated to witness significant growth owing to increasing integration of a sustainable energy mix into energy resource management schemes.

Government initiatives such as compulsory assembly of PV modules, and other such reforms could drive the regional market, along with robust investments towards the creation of unconventional energy sources.

Growing demand for electrostatic technology

The electrostatic solar panel cleaning segment is projected to grow owing to its ability to improve power output through the usage of high voltage, natural wing, and frequent operation before dust gets deposited.

There is wide application of electrostatic cleaning technology throughout mega solar power plants that are constructed in desert regions at low latitudes due to limited or no water usage and reduction of adhesion force. Features of the electrostatic technology include higher durability, longer life cycle, low energy consumption, and utilization of a small and potentially cost-effective source of voltage.

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Increasing application in the residential sector

The residential solar panel cleaning market was valued over USD 48 million in 2019, and is likely to grow over 8% in the upcoming years. This can be credited to growing deployment of solar module in recent years owing to technological escalation and favorable regulatory norms.

The service could be rapidly adopted on account of feed-in tariff, incentives for grid-tied solar installations, reforms consisting of subsidies, and an increasing focus on optimized power output. Standards throughout several regions to integrate energy-efficient infrastructures and the authorization of building codes is anticipated to propel service demand.

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