Advanced Energy Industries, Inc., a prominent player in the SCR power controller market, has recently announced the expansion of its industry leading line of silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) power controllers with the introduction of its new Thyro-A+ for precision semiconductor heating and industrial applications. Thyro-A+ effectively offers clients with next-generation SCR load monitoring and accuracy, coupled with the market’s new digital control capabilities and smallest design footprint for forming, precision heating, melting, and drying applications.

Further, the product has an entirely redesigned control engine, enabling a 16 times surge in the measurement sampling rate over the Thyro-A for improved control accuracy. This considerably enhances repeatability and process uniformity, in turn increasing process throughput, further reducing energy consumption in precision heating applications.

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Such novel product developments by key market players are expected to drive SCR power controller industry expansion through the ensuing years. The global SCR power controller market size is estimated to surpass USD 165 million by 2026, cites recent research by Global Market Insights, Inc.

The ongoing process of digitalization across industries is poised to complement the adoption of SCR for power control over the conventional equipment. Prominent players in the silicon controlled rectifier power controller industry comprise Watlow, Advanced Energy Industries, Eurotherm by Schneider Electric, ABB Limited, Control Concepts, and others.

Few major trends propelling SCR power controller market include:

Surging demand for heating equipment in the food & beverage sector to drive SCR power controller industry growth

Heating equipment is chiefly required in the food & beverage industry for multiple processes such as cooking, extrusion, browning, drying, and sterilization/pasteurization. SCR temperature controllers offer accurate control of the heating elements, which forms a significant aspect in the food & beverage sector.

Citing an instance, SCR temperature controllers offer accuracy and precision in maintaining the temperature in a tunnel furnace required for baking croissants, in turn enabling a persistent finish in a bake. These controllers could also be installed in small machines as they offer reliable operations and compact size, in turn escalating SCR power controllers market share across the small & medium scale facilities.

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Effective accommodation of higher loads to fuel 3 phase SCR power controller circuit demand

Power delivery at steady and constant rates coupled with the effective accommodation of higher loads are likely to augment the demand for 3 phase SCR power controller circuits through the assessment period.

Additionally, the escalating demand for reliable and digitalized control systems in industrial heating processes across the oil & gas and metal industries is expected to stimulate SCR power controller industry landscape through the forthcoming years.

The three phase SCR power controller market is estimated to be adopted across a variety of industries, owing to the rising number of applications across numerous sectors.

Extension of equipment life to boost the demand for SCR power controllers from resistive loads

The effective management of power surges, steady supply of power, and the prevention of potential brownouts are some of the prominent features, which are expected to augment the deployment of SCR for power control through the coming years.

Further, multiple benefits associated with the extension of equipment life as well as conservation of power are likely to escalate SCR power controller market demand over the estimated period. The SCR power controller market from resistive loads application is projected to register lucrative growth owing to multiple characteristics such as superior current conversion and efficient voltage optimization.

Through the ensuing years, numerous advantages comprising the early indication of maintenance requirement coupled with a significant reduction in operational downtime will foster the growth of SCR power controller market, further stimulating revenue expansion.

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