Rising investments in the building and construction sector will augment regenerative turbine pump market share. These pumps are utilized for effective water provision across several industries. As per the U.K Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, the regional government had announced plans to deliver nearly 1.5 million homes by 2022 in order to enhance the housing infrastructure.

Regenerative turbine pumps are broadly used in a range of industrial applications for pumping pure liquids. These pumps are widely deployed in various industrial settings to cater to the requirements of high delivery heads and small volume flows.

According to a Global Market Insights, Inc., report, global regenerative turbine pump market will experience an annual installation of over 230,000 units by 2027. Described below are some key factors driving the product deployment across various industries.

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Robust demand for multistage regenerative turbine pumps

The multistage regenerative turbine pump demand is expected to grow considerably due to its capability of generating higher water pressure and discharge rate at an affordable cost. Benefits of the product also include superior power, greater efficiency, and a customizable. However, the presence of numerous inbuilt components inside the casing increases the product’s service and maintenance cost, which could act as a growth restraining factor for the multistage regenerative turbine pump industry.

Growing application of non-self-priming pumps  

The high adoption of non-self-priming pumps is majorly attributed to its notable features such as low maintenance cost, excellent non-abrasive liquid handling capabilities, and reliable pumping. Such characteristics of the product allow its widespread application in sectors including agriculture, wastewater treatment, food & beverage, and others. The product offers enhanced efficiency and high reliability as compared to self-priming pumps.

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Wide use of 30 – 60 GMP pumps in the oil & gas sector

30 – 60 GMP pumps segment of the regenerative turbine pump industry is expected to witness substantial growth by 2027. These pumps have the capability to handle and pump a large volume of liquid at a certain time, resulting in its wide applicability across the wastewater and oil & gas sectors. Additionally, their to provide a higher range of pressurized liquids will further boost their adoption in the future.

Rising applications in the chemical industry

The chemical industry is undergoing substantial growth owing to the rising demand for chemical products across various sectors. In the chemical sector, regenerative turbine pumps are used to pump fluids for cooling requirements and to effectively supply hazardous and volatile chemicals. Also, its ability to neutralize volatile vapors and hazardous chemicals to ensure the safety of the workers and machinery will further boost its demand.

Strict wastewater treatment norms in European countries

Extensive building and construction activities, along with strict government regulations related to efficient industrial wastewater and sewage treatment in European countries will foster regenerative turbine pump demand in the region. Several government efforts to reduce wastewater drainage into the water bodies by incorporating effective pumping solutions would complement product adoption across industries. Additionally, growing demand for the product to pump hazardous liquids into the wastewater treatment plant will fuel Europe regenerative turbine pump industry expansion.

Corken, Inc., Roth Pump Co., PSG, Xylem, Pentair, and TEIKOKU ELECTRIC MFG. CO., LTD., among others are some of the leading firms constituting the regenerative turbine pump industry. Growing industrialization across the globe will uplift the demand for efficient water supply in industries, which in turn will bolster global regenerative turbine pump market outlook.

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