Expanding penetration of CHP technologies to boost the quality, efficiency and reliability of energy delivery will potentially fuel North America micro CHP market share. Soaring energy costs, electricity blackouts, bigger homes, fluctuating fuel costs and rising concerns pertaining to environment have unlocked the growth opportunities in micro CHP landscape. Micro CHP products are touted to play an invaluable role as leading companies vie to gain grounds in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

A pronounced spike in the number of research and development projects has complemented the use of micro-CHP for residential and commercial applications. Harnessing on the energy resources, micro-cogeneration technologies such as fuel cells, Stirling engine and internal combustion engines offer a diversity for end-markets.

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Global Market Insights, Inc., has projected North America Micro CHP market size to expand at healthy CAGR of over 7% through 2026.

Forward-looking manufacturers are gearing to provide benefits to utilities, homeowners, and equipment manufacturers, fueled by energy efficiency, energy assurance, environmental protection and economic growth.

Industry trends which are poised to redefine the business outlook are outlined below:

Natural gas and LPG to grow sustainably

Natural gas and LPG have become popular as a low carbon technology for they are more efficient than fossil fuel. So much so that end-markets such as textiles, iron, steel, cement and chemicals are switching to natural gas to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimize costs and enhance air quality.

Favorable government policies in the form of subsidies are likely to add fillip to the adoption of natural gas-fired cogeneration technology. For instance, a modified self-generation incentive program was rolled out by the U.S. government in 2019 to increase the renewable fuels consumption by 50% across the fuel blend ratio.

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Fuel cell based micro CHP widely recognized in the U.S.

Stakeholders see fuel cell based micro CHP as a compelling technology that can reduce energy consumption and be a natural fit in the domestic sector. North America is witnessing an uptake in the adoption of fuel cell based micro CHP as it can help do away with reinforcement of generation capacity.

Technological developments have picked pace as the North American manufacturers eye to reduce operational and maintenance costs and bolster product efficiency. For instance, BDR Thermea Group rolled out InnoGen micro CHP system based on Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) technology in 2018, thereby expanding the range of micro CHP plants. Fuel cell based North America micro CHP market is projected to surpass US$ 0.40 million by 2026, attributed to better product lifecycle and energy efficiency of fuel cell.

Canada to remain a key hub

Well-established players and start-ups envisage Canada as a happy hunting ground and ideal region to expand their footprints in the untapped areas. Favorable government approach, including CHP programs to underpin the installation of residential and commercial natural gas micro cogeneration systems has triggered investment in Canada.

Growing palpability towards cleaner fuel based regeneration systems and refurbishment and replacement of fossil fuel based CHP units have augured well for the North America micro CHP market outlook.

It is pertinent to mention the penetration of smart infrastructure which is gradually going mainstream in the market landscape. Micro CHP systems will continue to witness pressing demand across residential and commercial spaces.

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