Being one of the continents witnessing a drastic drop in temperature during the year, Europe has begun significantly observing massive demand for air to water heat pumps over a while now. In this case, it would be safe to declare that air to water heat pump market across the European economies is anticipated to foresee an annual installation of about 650 thousand units by the end of 2026, triggered by rising investments in commercial, industrial, and residential infrastructures aligned with proliferating demand for energy efficient space and water heating in buildings.

Not only this but increasing efforts to curtail the growth in toxic carbon emissions from buildings is also likely to develop a strong product landscape for Europe air to water heat pumps market in the years ahead, enabling potential market players to undertake significant measures to introduce novel products in the business space. For instance, Daikin Europe- a multinational company pioneering in the production of air conditioning and refrigeration solutions- recently announced upgrading its 2018-launched Altherma 3 air to water heat pump to include voice control assistance, remote control, and redesigned outdoor unit casing, so as to serve the mounting demand for revised and enhanced solutions amongst a huge consumer pool.

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Such innovative trends, in line with the ones mentioned below, are expected to provide a positive glimpse of the impending scenario of Europe air to water heat pump market over the span of 2020 to 2025:

Enhanced product demand from the industrial sector

The demand for air to water heat pumps is felt massively in the industrial sectors mainly due to the growing industrial infrastructures in the European region. The heat pump units installed across these sectors have the ability to produce a huge amount of thermal energy with relatively lesser electrical energy consumption, making it a highly preferable option for large spaces. Moreover, the intervention of various governmental regulations subject to the rising GHG emissions from such facilities is also propelling a need for effective and cleaner space heating systems, in turn producing a demand spurt for air to water heat pumps.

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Increased need for energy efficient solutions 

Given that stringent laws pertaining to installation and use of energy efficient system are going rounds the European continent, it is essentially important for various industrial, commercial spaces, and residential buildings to deploy air to water heat pumps. Also, people have been immensely looking for the replacement of traditional heating systems with sustainable and clean heating units in an attempt to meet the energy efficiency standards. Besides, a prolific surge in the demand for high level comfort and flexibility paired with elevating refurbishment activities is also poised to generate lucrative gains for the overall air to water heat pump industry across Europe.

Outgrowing expansion of commercial and residential buildings across France

France has been well known for its residential and commercial infrastructures all around the world. In this case, it would be overt to state that the air to water heat pump market across the country is touted to grow at an unprecedented pace in the years to come, primarily because of the expanding commercial and residential buildings in the country. In fact, as per EUROPA statistics, a total of 418,000 households were built in 2017 alone, making it a record year for residential construction business in France.

What more has been driving the growth curve of regional air to water heat pump market is the dynamically increasing disposable incomes along with thriving commercial infrastructures such as education facilities, restaurants, theatres, and others, as these have created a significant demand for energy efficient heating solutions. Not to mention, the escalating requirement for sustainable and efficient water and space heating systems would further augment the product adoption in the country.

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