Chipotle Mexican Grill, the U.S. based chain of fast food restaurants, has apparently announced that it would add five new options to its menu. As per reliable sources, the new items including a fresh salad with avocado-citrus dressing, an avocado tostada, and Tex-Mex staples like quesadillas and nachos have been rolled out at the test kitchen of its New York City outlet. Sources familiar with the development claim that the company has been taking the new menu additions very seriously. Before they are launched throughout the nation, each new item would be tested at the chains New York City test kitchen. Reportedly, new grills would be ordered by the firm to manage the production of quesadillas, which are presently an off-menu item at particular outlets. Speaking on the latest development, Chief Executive Officer of Chipotle, Brian Niccol was quoted stating that the company is not in a position to make a great quesadilla as of now and the worst-case scenario is a customer ordering a quesadilla. The firm, best known for their bowls and burritos, has been contemplating to innovate as more competitors are moving into the burrito game of late. While unveiling the menu on Thursday at the New York test kitchen of the firm, chef Chad Brauze was quoted stating that Chipotle wanted something snacky on its menu. For the record, the fast food company has suffered significant damage to its business last year due to a series of E. Coli and Norovirus outbreaks. This was followed with a harsh criticism directed toward the firm for launching a new queso recipe last September due to which the taste had to be adjusted, cite trusted sources. According to the statement released by Chipotle, the brand has been hoping to rebuild its image by adding mostly lighter summer items that would bring in new customers who do not wish to have a filling meal.