The German chemical giant, BASF is extending its cooperation with Materialise, a leader in 3D printing technologies based in Leuven, Belgium. BASF will be investing $25 million in the company, as they both work together within an open business framework to consistently improve software and materials for different 3D printing technologies and bring them to the market at the earliest.

As per sources, the firms are focusing on 3D printing applications in the automotive and aviation industry along with the consumer goods sector. The latest agreement will allow for organized large-scale testing & optimization of BASF materials on the machines within Materialise’s infrastructure. Both the companies have displayed a commitment to accelerate the development of new materials and innovative applications.

Volker Hammes, Managing Director for BASF 3D Printing Solutions GmbH, said both the partners are into businesses that complement each other well and the collaboration would bring in new business opportunities. He pointed out that Materialise has outstanding 3D printing infrastructure and cutting-age software solutions available at the Leuven facility, and both companies can use their combined strength to advance the 3D printing sector.

Industrial customers are demanding better control, more choices and considerable lower costs as the adoption of 3D printing is increasing in manufacturing process as a complementary technology, said Fried Vancraen, CEO of Materialise. He added that the company is confident in this partnership and believes that it would help to expand 3D printing into several existing vertical markets, besides developing business opportunities in the new markets.

Inferring from industry experts, 3D printing holds the potential to transform many industries by making cost-effective mass production of goods a possibility. Design optimizations and functional improvements such as lighter designs of products which is impossible in standard manufacturing technologies, are features owing to which 3D printing is widely used by the automotive, footwear, aerospace, eyewear & many other industries to solve industry specific challenges.